With remarkable advances in 3d printing and 3d scanning technologies, it’s now possible to manufacture customized orthotics without any hassle.
The advantages of manufacturing 3d printing technologies are:-
1) It reduces the long time delivery
2) It enhances the level of accuracy due to 3d scanning
3) Eliminate multiple visits of patient
4) Can be manufactured with single machine
5) Multiple materials
6) Engineered orthotics without design limits
7) Optimized Orthotics can be manufactured
and there are lots more…

We at ATOA having expertise in 3D Printing and Engineering Design are capable of manufacturing personalized ankle foot orthotics. We can generate a accurate 3d model with our 3d scanner which will be analysed in CAE tools and manufactured with our 3d printers. Consider us for designing to manufacturing of your customized orthotics.
\* Image courtesy- Stratasys