Hi all,

I am fairly new to 3d printing, recently got a geeetech i3 prusa.

For the most part my prints are okay, but they are a bit patchy (see photo for example) it is consistent with the patchy spots, its like every 7-10 seconds it goes patchy. After a whole print it doesnt look great. It does this on all layers, including first and final. Its almost like the patchy spots are little dots of filament, instead of full lines. My settings are in the photos, Im printing PLA (200-210C) on a heated glass bed (55-60C) and I am using repetier host for my 3d printing software, I level the bed each time using a piece of paper as my guide for the bed height.

Any help would be amazing, I am sure its something obvious in my settings. But in the sea of forums and internet articles its a little tricky to know what to change.

Thanks again in advance.

(I think I have included all the info needed, let me know if you would like to know anything else :slight_smile: )