QIDI Tech-1, PLA at 205, S3D.

In the circled area the material starts to build up and the second nozzle eventually catches it and knocks it over. This is a start/stop point.

S3D is a constant battle on blobbing at seams. I don’t know why they can’t seem to get this under control.

Aside from the obvious of turning the model so it doesn’t hit, which is just a band-aid and not a solution, what suggestions might I try?


I’ll start by saying I have a different printer than yours.

I see this exact thing on certain parts that do not have enough time for the filament to cool and stabilize between layers.

PLA seems to do that.

The only things that I do to correct this problem are

1 - set fans to cool the printing layer

2 - When having the trouble, I’ll print 2 parts at the same time to allow extra cooling of the filament.

S3D should have some type of control to slow down print or increase fans, but I’m not familiar with it.

I’m hoping others chime in here

and I hope this helps you in some manner.