Does anyone use other filament for the Dremel 3d printers? they really don’t have a lot of colors. I would like to have purple, yellow, and pink. Here you are we have over 11 Colors in PLA and more coming soon with the release of the 3D45!

Yes Sir, you can use other brands as long as they are PLA, you can buy all kind of colors and textures online, there are some really funky and fun to use such as Beer Filament, Stainless Steel, Rose Petals, Wood etc… in most cases you will have to adapt a spooling unit outside to feed the extruder… but that is not hard to do (you can print it your self LOL)… please let me know if you would like some more advises you can contact me in twitter, fb or instagram at @alfetello



I have used other filament in my printer. I am using simplify3d to vary the temperatures.

I printed a mount to hold larger spools of filament above the printer. I have used monoprice, protopasta, and some others with varying levels of success.

i just try 2 diferent ones a rainbow color and a glow in the dark work great