i started working on a zcorp 310 plus recently and i noticed an error while its printing. the head seems to offset a little bit every time it comes back and forth, gradually stacking powder on the right side of the build piston and creating a fragile object with a tilted shape. it’s also not discharging the excess powder over the overflow chute and when the printer head tries to goes back to park or to its axis origin, it collects powder which sticks on it and the binder doesn’t come out at the same quantity. do you know what would cause this problem and whether it has something to do with the software or the firmware?

Sounds like it might be a hardware issue. Does the axis have full unhindered movement? When was the last time you serviced it?

yes it does it just shifts its start and end on the axis a bit every time. i think it was serviced recently but not by me. thanks a lot, i’ll look into it. @PlastiPrint3D what would your guess be if it is a hardware issue?

Check the motor encoder wheels on the movement motors for the fast axis. One of the slits on an encoder is probably obscured with debris, and the encoder is missing a “step” occasionally, leading to the accetion of error.

@Jason_McMullan thanks!! i’ll check it and see how it goes

i did check it. it’s definetely a hardware issue because it offsets regardless of whether it’s online or offline. i also checked both encoders and they seemed fine without any powder debris or anything. i’m not sure what’s going on