I have a cheap anet a6 printer I bought for the kids to play with. Then I realized if I doubled the bed length (easily done) I could actually use it for my personal projects. So my bed is 220x440mm (8.75"x18") and I need a heated bed. I have a full machine shop available so I cut an aluminum bed. But where can I get a rectangular heat element? Or how can I control 2 8x8 heat silicone heating elements?

There’s a couple of options as I have an odd size bed too. 1. Custom heatpad from keenevo or others. 2. Buy the closest to full bed. It won’t really matter that every cm of the metal isn’t heated as the heat will disipated. 3. As you suggested 2 heatbeds in parallel. Hope that helps. And if it doesn’t let us know.

seeing how much current they draw, go for 2 heated beds with 2 power supplies on 2 relays (or one double relay).

I have sent a message to kenovo. Thanks!

I am pretty ignorant on stuff like this. Is the a step by step thread somewhere?