So ive been using octopi/print for a few days now and i have not uses any plugins just the basic ones that are preinstalled. Everything is up to date but what I have realized is that my prints will pause/freeze mid print for about 5-10 secs and then continue like nothing happened, this wouldnt be a problem but my prints have a small blob of sorts in the areas is freezes because it heats/extrudes existing material or new material, im not sure what the issues as certain times i get a weird long code in the terminal when it freezes and other times it nothing. Any ideas or help as to why this keeps happening, I love putting to use my raspberry pi and using this software but if these keeps happening im going to need to stop. I am using a Monoprice Maker Select 3D Mini, i have not has this issue till i started using octopi/print. Attached will be screenshots of the terminal when freeze/pause occurs.

If looks like octoprint has some trouble reading the gcode, check your sd card, it might be corrupted.

I fought the same problem for weeks. I finally fixed it by buying yet another USB cable. Since then, about two months, not a hang up.

Here’s a link…

I have a Mini, too.

Good luck!