I am very new to all of this and so my pool of Raspberry knwledge is extremely shallow.I have a RPi3 running with a 3.5TFT and TouchUi running Octopi.Everything seems to work just fine after lot’s of trial and error.The problem I am having is with the Sainsmart relay I have controlling the Mains and lights for the bed.The mains relay works as it should but if I manually enter code in to the config.yaml folder the GPIO’s do not activate or trigger.Here is the code I am entering into the folder

  - action: lights on
    command: gpio -g write 32 1
    name: Turn on the lights
  - action: lights off
    command: gpio -g write 32 0
    confirm: You are about to turn off the lights.
    name: Turn off the lights

I have tried using both the physical and BCM numbering for the GPIO’s that I am using with

no luck.I have also tried removing the -g from the code.Any ideas what it could be?

Anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this?