Hi et al,

I have an Objet24 with some issues.

It seems there maybe a block in the material line somewhere as it goes through all the motions perfect just no resin on the print tray.

I dont think the pump is gone however I could be wrong, can’t hear any noise from the pump,

The vacuum sensor say 6.3 but it did go down as low as 1.9 when doing a material flush.

My suspicions are that it is a blocked filter.

Can anyone else advise me different?

Also if I am right I am looking for an easy way to remove the filters and replace. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi Lee

Might not be an issue with the vac per se.
The pressure will drop during a flush as instead of applying a vacuum to hold material in the heads its applying pressure to push out old material.
When it does a purge can you see the material droplets coming out of the heads?
If so, and you’re not getting a ‘heads filling error’ then your vac and pumps are probably not the issue.

It could be an issue with the encoder or encoder cable, or communications between the server pc and printer.

Have you tried a pattern or weight test? what were the results?