Anyone have a problem where Objet Studio “can’t connect to 3D printer”, and Eden 260V computer has turned itself off. We recently had this error, but using the “reset” button doesn’t work, nor does killing power and re-connecting (no on/off switch on this model). We have occasionally gotten this error since the Objet is left on for relatively long periods. Typically if/when we get the error, a reset brings things back up…not this time. Called Stratasys tech support, and they had me try a few things with the power supply, but no luck. Any suggestions before I have Stratasys send a tech out?

What happens when you start up the machine in safe mode?

Can’t get to safe mode. Screen is black, nothing else…

When switching on the machine. Tap F8 continuesly until the safemode option apears . re install the graphic drivers from safe mode … this should solve your black screen startup issue. We can then take the issue further from there on . Nicky Smit from south africa. or +27827448605

has this issue been sorted or is there any other assistance i can offer