Running 1.75mm Nylon @240c and im getting a jam every now and then somewhere, please see the pic for what it looks like.

Thanks for any help

What printer? My guess is trying to print to fast for the extrusion and temp. Here is an interesting read on nylon.

Sorry it’s a robo3d r1+

Don’t be so lazy it would help to add


the speed of print

what slicer are you using and settings

apart from jamming does it click ect

what nylon are you useing

this would help a lot in getting a answer

Hello guys! I just bought a nylon filament and I’m having a hard time with it. I have no problem printing PLA and PETG, but the nylon starts very well, but suddenly the strusion starts to be rare and the filament jams. The printer keeps moving but without strudding. When I pull the filament out, the part it was inside the hotend looks like a wine opener (twisted). So, I think the printer has no problem pushing the filament, it is going strong.
I always hear a frying noise before the problem happens.
I’m using a Ender 3 with a all metal hotend and glass bed.
Nylon brand esun.
Slicer simplify.
I’ve tried temperatures between 240 and 260.
From 3mm retraction to no retraction.
Printing speed from 30mm/s to 60mm/s.
0.2mm Layer height.
100% infill.
No cooling
I didn’t dry the filament yet.
Always the same problem.

Does anybody know what can be happening?

Nylon must be dried right before use. It can become fully “wet” in 24 hours so even on long prints you may need a way to keep it dry.

Yep. It really made a big difference. I left the spool in the oven for 5 hours at 175F. The filament became stiffer and looks like I will finish my test without a jam.
Thanks @wirlybird!

Great to hear! I have not used my nylon yet. Been sitting a few years!

The nylon jamming is a common problem as other filament jamming but it can be easily resolved by

  1. Checking that the nozzle is working at a properly with s reasonable distance with printing bed.
  2. Your bed levelling calibration is must if you want to avoid jams.

There for keep in mind theses points.