Recently I backed an M3D Pro on Kickstarter: M3D Pro: Feature-Packed 3D Printer for Improved Reliability by M3D LLC — Kickstarter. The 3D printer is expected to arrive in March, but I no longer want the printer. It will retail when released in the general range of $750, but I was able to get a discount as a Kickstarter backer. I am accepting emails for offers, starting at $440. If there are multiple bids, this ad will reflect the highest offer. Do not offer anything less than $440, as it will not be responded to. Email evan [dot] square3d [at] gmail [dot] com.
According to their Kickstarter page:

"The Pro is the world’s first Self Aware 3D Printer. A competitive, feature-rich 3D Printer, it has a lot of cutting edge features that push the boundaries of 3D printing technology. The two features that make it stand out the most are it’s precision metal parts and it’s auto-correction system.

The goal of the Pro is create a completely different legacy than other printers by:

Designing dozens of sensors in an electronics control system, closing the loop many functions, making the printer more “self-aware.”

Using extremely high-end metal parts you usually only see in products priced in the thousands, giving away a lot of value with lower margins in order to reshape the field of 3D Printing towards a better standard - one where quality and reliability are a reasonable expectation and requirement."

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