I am using Arduino Mega 2560 with 4 Hybrid Unipolar motors and 4 l293D Stepper motor driver module.

Before using Repetier firmware, I used 8,9,10,11 arduino pins to run just 1 motor and for running all four motors I used 16 pins in total.

Now, my problem which I am facing is -
1) When using only Arduino MEGA 2560 (No RAMPS), which motherboard to be used (33 ?)
2) Arduino Pins configuration if choosing ramps motherboard.

I saw the arduino pins diagram for RAMPS, but in the repetier it is showing X-step, X-dir,X-enable,X-min. These are the correct pins which I used normally for stepper motor. I mean if I run the repetier firmware, will they send pulse to these pins as previously as in 8,9,10,11.

As, I changed the configuration of ramps motor for X-axis as 8,9,10,11. But, motor didn’t rotate or not even vibrated.


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