In my country, 3d printer after tax +vat +vendor profit are expensive.

I want 3d printer for my hobby such as tools, figure, toy and parts for my diy.

And I think PLA and ABS are main filament to print.

I’m interesting 2 models

1) wanhao duplicator 6 ==> 910 usd


- spare parted is common

- have built in frame (can diy acrylic cover)

- rigidity

- there are representative sell in country.


- not sure about support

2) original prusa i3 mk2s kit ===> 970 - 1,300 usd (ps for mk3 kit cost 1,200 - 1,500 usd)


- good support

- various mods


- spare parts (not sure where to buy such as heat bed)

- no frame and cover

- less rigidity

So, could you advise me about printed quality of these 2 model