Hello all,
I would like to get two new hotends for my Leapfrog Creatr HS dual extrusion. Unfortunately, leapfrog does not sell them anymore as my model is no longer in production and I am not sure where or how to find compatible hotends. Apart from that, the nozzles that the leapfrog needs are quite unusual as they are made with internal threading instead of external. I want to take this opportunity to get myself a pair of hotends with a more common nozzle type.
My hopes are that someone on this community could help me with this issue!

Edit: this is a link to a website that used to sell replacement hotends (they do not sell them any longer for the same reason I cannot get them from leapfrog) to give you an idea of what the hotends of the leapfrog creatr hs look like. https://3dsupplyguys.com/collections/3d-printer-replacement-parts/products/leapfrog-hs-nozzle-block-set-left-right?variant=35408423363