It looks like there soon will be a new competitor on the market for filament extruders. I’m talking about the NEXT 1.0 filament extruder by 3devo.

It claims to extrude and spool the filament automatically. On top of this it also measures the diameter of the filament and adjusts the machine variables in order to achieve super consistent filament. All great promises that, if they indeed prove to be true, form a great new addition to the current products available that I described previously. You can check out all the technical specifications on their Kickstarter page.

With over €18.000 pledged and still 16 days to go it looks like the NEXT 1.0 team has a good shot at getting the €50.000 funding they require to make this product a reality.

I’m very interested to hear what you guys think of this new design?




It looks very cool. Hopefully their Dutch team will succeed in reaching their goal. Let’s all support this project;)


Can old filament be used, such as old print supports? I’m assuming that if it can, the old material would need to be cut-up/shredded in order to fit into the melt chamber. Is there a good option for shredding old supports/failed prints to be re-used in a machine like this?

Yes old print supports in general can definitely be used to extrude new filament and I’m assuming that this will work well in this machine as well. Indeed you need to shred the prints first before feeding them into an extruder. Check out my previous Talk post that gives an overview of both shredders and extruders that are currently available on the market :wink:

This looks like a great product. In typical Dutch style it seems they are going to offer a premium product, which I haven’t seen available for home based filament extruders. I’m excited to see how this turns out!


Exactly, it looks like a great product so I’m very excited to see if they can deliver on their promise!