I just opened up my new Dremel 3D20 printer and noticed that the bar that holds the extruder and allows it to rotate on its Y axis on the one side is not positioned in the Y axis bar. I have tried to push the bar into the channel so that the horizontal bar is level,but there is virtually no play and I’m afraid it will break if I try any more. The belt is also disconnected on the right side. Here is a picture for reference. Can someone please confirm that this is not normal



Congratulations on your new printer! That’s definitely NOT normal, the bar should be attached and the printer should work out of the box. I would either exchange it where you bought it, or contact dremel support and ask for a new one.

Make sure they don’t give you a refurbished one, since you just bought it they should give you one that’s new.

I’ve been very happy with this printer, I hope you get a new one that works. Good luck!

Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully they will be able to help us.