Dear 3D community,

after three months in place with our self-developed resin, we’d like to share some first feedback on DruckWege Resin Type D.

Type D was developed to fit 3D printing technologies based on DLP (like B9 Creator, Draken and others) and UV/LCD (like Wanhao D7, YHD 101 and others) light sources. Accordingly, we generated all relevant info on the best applicable settings for your printer. All data, such as the spectrum and physical details of the resin are lined out in our data sheets.

Receiving the first feedbacks from our well versed customers, we’d like to summarize some experiences on the working with the resin:

  • cures fast on around 5s / Layer
  • creates sharp and clear surfaces
  • high rigidity as demanded in industrial applications
  • leaves the model with low shrinkage
  • is VOC free
  • made in Germany

Data Sheets:

More info, in the datasheet section.


Here you can find the first published statements and reviews on the resin.