I already got some experience with 3d printing and soon I will get my first own printer. But this is a new printer (kickstarter campaign) which shall be delivered in september. Therefore 3dhubs doesn’t know that printer yet. It seems that I can’t create a printer profile myself, can I? Not sure what specs are important but probably size of printable area and dual extrusion might be relevant to decide if a hub is a good match for a specific print job.

So what should I do in such a case, messaging the support and ask them to add the printer profile?

Sorry if such questions were already asked over here but at least I was unable to find them…



If you type the name and it can’t find it in the list, there is an option “Click here to let us know” to click. Click that and it will take you to a form where you need to enter the spec of the printer. I am guessing they will then manually enter this and you can choose it eventually?


But being a Kickstarted project - they may not add it now, as the spec may not be able to be verified or accepted by 3D Hubs due to possible change etc. You may not be able to add this printer yet even if you submit it, as printers should be available to use from the time of submission and data independently verified…


Thank you for your feedback. I clicked on that option but no form showed up, maybe there is something broken. And yeah if they are going to add the specs for all I would wait a month until all the specs are final and they start producing the first devices. I can’t start my hub before september anyway, was just curious to see how the process works and what settings I can make.

Try this link -