I am going to be injecting nylon - so i need an aluminum or steel mold

Item is small

2" long x 1/2" wide maximum

it has a hollow end on it so will need a pin(s) or a slide in pin

to be inserted during process to make the hollow end.

i am in NY NJ area

Drawing enclosed if anyone can put me in a good direction

i would really be appreciative - my last request got me no place


DonA pg13-1.pdf (38.2 KB)

One of my customers does aluminum work. CNC routing and casting of aluminum. I can put you two in contact over email if you like. He is in Florida so not local to you, or me.

That would be very helpful… thank you…

please have him email me sixtyninejets@yahoo.com

thanks very much


I sent it over. Hopefully it works out.

An aluminum mold for this probably wouldn’t last very long. How many parts do you plan to run? Also the blade that makes that hollow could flex during injection. The best scenario is to have a pin (or 1 on each side) that could support the pin.

Ron, I can make this for you. Feel free to contact me via my hub. Tony