Fully functional M3D ProMega FDM printer, selling for US $3,000 flat. Willing to verify everything works to the point of operation, but has a setup curve too large for my current schedule to allow. Has several stock add-ons, listed as;

  • Back Cover & Filtration System (anodized electronics protection & micro-HEPA filter, w/ replacement filters, 4 total x 300 hrs each print capacity)
  • Dimensioned Glass print bed
  • K’Tana Dual Extruder extra (“Compound” mixing extruder stock & included)
  • 8gb microSD card storage (500mb stock & included)
  • Extra screws booster pack
  • Compound & K’Tana nozzle 4-pack each (0.35mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm & 1.0mm)
  • Optional filaments included. (1 M3D Tough white spool 250ft, 2 M3D ABS-R white spool 250ft (strength PETG blend), 1kg white ABS spool, & 1kg red PLA spool)

Not discounted, this printer would presently sell for ~$4,100-$4,200 WITHOUT filaments, $3,000 is my absolute break-even from the pre-order discount. No damage done at all, and only modification is an upgraded z-probe housing that’s already proven sturdier and more precise in readings than the stock. Like said, includes more learning than I’m able to fulfill due to my current university schedule, and is perfect for anyone who wants to both have a great FDM printer and learn or do the tuning side to make it what it becomes, and have that sense of fulfillment. Large discord community is very helpful, M3D has an extensive reference made for the promega specifically, and in the instance of damage, more than most parts are available on website for DIY repair. Works with a vast array of 1.75mm filaments, just about any slicer software, and operates on-demand through web interface. Needs ethernet connection in order to work therefore! Again, I’m more than willing to video verify everything works to the point of operational and usable. Not even a scratch on the printer. For tech specs, see https://store.printm3d.com/pages/promega

What is the lowest that you would be willing to sell it for? I can get a Promega on the M3D website for $1500 right now

Hey norton, unfortunately I’m aware… it’s been killing my opportunity to sell as it’s been on discount for nearly 3/4 of a year… $3,000 is my break-even from the early purchase, the absolute lowest I can do for this is $2,500, that with a large loss. To let you know also: the list of add-ons equates to ~$800, and shipping through M3D had such a large cost I opted and saved by performing pickup, and the drive took me about 3 hours each way I live so close. I’d be able to get you a good shipping rate, and do have access to make a sturdy guard. If it helps also, the printer is a more precise one than the stock you’d receive through M3D, as that upgraded z-probe makes a near miraculous difference compared. With how much I need the sale though, I’m willing to work with you on price. Thank you!!