Hi, 3D-printing lovers! I’m just wondering to introduce myself and my girls. Oh, no, I’m not a “Mammy”)) I’m a 3D modeling and doll artist! Right now I’m working on LegrandDoll (legranddoll.com) project - 3D printed ball jointed dolls.

First of all I make a model of the doll, then I cut it out and create joins. I print my doll on my home Robo 3D (my husband presented it to me on last New Year celebration) using PLA. I’ve tried to use other filaments, but nylon and PETG are not so good for finishing, and NinjaFlex… It was an unequal battle and NinjaFlex beat me down…

After printing I sand the pieces (one doll can be of 14-24 pieces), seal, blush them, make a face-up. Doll is assembled by elastic cord and metal hooks and looks like this:

I create the wig and eyes (this stuff could be bought from other doll-artists or manufactory). And final doll looks like you see on this pics:

Sorry for the nude))

I know, 3D printing is mostly for boys for now. But I hope there are many girls amongst 3D printing enthusiasts as well! On the other hand, dolls community is very big. Oh my gush, this hobby is so expensive! And most of doll-hobbyists have been never hear about 3D printing! I wish I could succeed to change it!


Wonderful work!

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Thank you!

that’s an awesome job I’m blown away. I was planning on doing a doll project this year by scanning a doll with 123dcatch then cleaning and tweaking it in rhino 3d, can you give me some pointers?

Keep up the great work


Hi, I’m a girl 3d enthusiast!

These dolls are absolutely fantastic, well done! They are so good, you have worked very hard.

All the best with your future projects.



Hi! I’ve never used 123dcatch or Rhino 3D, I work with Zbrush. Hm… I’ll check rhino out, it seems like helpful tool.

By the way, what kind of doll did you want to scan? And you don’t need it anymore, you can use my models! Do you want to print the dolls or cast? Let’s do it together!

Pretty much was scanning barbie dolls with the hair plucked out. Its the same model you had created lol. That would be awesome if i could get the models. I really appreciate it. I was going to print them. We should definitely work on it together that would be rad.


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This is great! I’m trying to make a BJD of my own, but now I’m struggling with the joints… How do you cut your doll and then make the joints?

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Thank you :slight_smile: I use zbrash to sculpt the doll and design the joints

Oh wow! Your work is amazing! What do you seal your doll with?

Thank you :slight_smile: I use mr Super Clear for faceup and body blushing - that’s it!

Oh no problem! She looks so nice! Do you use the uv one or regular?

UV :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness! This is amazing. I make more traditionally cast dolls from composition or flumo but I would love to do this when I get my new printer! My siblings would love to have dolls and I would love to be able to customize them. I would love to scan a doll or sculpt one from scratch? How are you converting your sculpts to prints?