RTR Services has (2) 3D Printers currently available for purchase. They are all being sold “As Is, Where Is”, untested and we do not ship. Because of this the prices are much lower than you will find elsewhere which means you have the potential to get a great deal! The following machines are available:

  1. 2016 3D Systems ProJet 2500 MJP, S/N:30091271404, w/ Surge Protector. It is located in Oregon. Current listing price is $6,000.

  2. 2015 3D Systems ProJet 660 Pro 3D Printer, S/N: 65111510. It is located in Oregon. Current listing price is $3,500. This one does have some slight cosmetic damage, as well as 2 error codes that popped when we first received the machine, however these codes no longer appear when the machine is turned on. The error codes were: 60300:0 - Fast Axis Rezero Fail; 60104:0 - Feeder Stalled.

We are open to offers on all of the printers, even if it is below asking price so if you see a printer you are interested in please reach out to me and we can discuss the price and any other questions you have in more detail. I can also send you pictures of the printers as well.

Any questions or inquiries please reach out to Kerry, email: [kerryfoster@rtrservices.com]
Direct Phone Line: 503-399-9655 ext. 1355

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