Good morning fellow printers,

I recently got the MP Select Mini from Monoprice and I’ve been printing strong with it for a while. A couple of days ago i ran into an issue while experimenting with a high resolution print, the included card was not large enough to hold the gcode file. So upon closer inspection i noticed that even though the card had no files on it, there was a lot of space allocated. So i decided to reformat the card to fat16. Since doing this the printer will not recognize any files on the card.

ive searches the mini wiki, scoured forums and googled my head off and still have not been able to find a solution to this issue. Anyone who has experience with this issue, printer or just has any suggestions on what formatting is required for the printer to read would be greatly appreciated.


Try FAT32 instead, on some systems, simple FAT.

It seems to need a FAT32 filesystem on the SD card. I’ve also heard that the card should be 32 GB or under.

I used one I had about and found that it was formatted by default with the exFAT filesystem.

The exFAT system is similar to the FAT32, but it’s better on flash memory. So it would make sense that it would be put on larger SD cards.

Also, another suggestion. The Mini won’t read any files in folders, just those at the root level of the card.

One more tip… The Monoprice Mini seems to have a very small buffer for reading

the directory on an SD card, like maybe 256 bytes. So keep your file names short. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestions so far. I spoke with tech support today regarding this issue. They confirmed that the card should be formatted to FAT32. I have reformatted the included card multiple times with different parameters but haven’t had an ounce of luck. They offered to ship me a new card with the preincluded software. I will likely take advantage of this simply for the purposes of further examining the included card.

I also ordered a 2gb micro sd card (can’t find a single one in a local store go figure) which i will try in order to rule out a bad card.

Still havent resolved the issue unfortunately so any more input would be fantastic. I will say that Monoprice seems to have very little knowledge about the specifics of this device. They didn’t even seem to be aware of the WiFi connect feature…

Be sure to place all files for your printer in the root directory of your card. Most cards default to be setup for photos and contain DCIM folders. FAT16 and FAT32 formats should work with all.