I’ve been printing since Aug 18 when I initially got the Monoprice Maker Select V2.1. I first upgraded the bed to a glass plate which helped things immensely but I’m a tinkerer and I couldn’t let well enough alone. I kept upgrading things. Next was a DiiiCooler which again was a fantastic upgrade. I decided to print a Z-Brace which went fine and at that point I figured since I had the whole thing apart I would upgrade the extruder lever and hot end with the Micro Swiss all metal versions. Up to this point, everything was fine.

When I went to put everything back together though I had a big problem: One of the wires on the heat cartridge snapped. I read around and saw that it was a relatively easy fix so I found a heat cartridge online and ordered it. I was stupid, though, and I got a 6mm cartridge instead of the 6.3mm one. After trying to make it work I gave in and ordered the 6.3mm ones. They finally came and now I’ve gotten one installed but now it will only hit 200C if I don’t have any kind of thermal protection on the hot end. With thermal protection it peters out around 175-180C.

I’m still so new to all this…wiring included and I assume I’ve done something entirely stupid that has either ruined everything or is very easy to fix but I can’t figure it out. So, I’m putting it out there. I’ll do my best to answer any follow-up questions but I’m putting up the white flag.

I’ve double checked all the connections and this time instead of being fancy and trying to solder the new heater cartridge in I’ve attached it directly into the board. Still hitting the 180C-ish mark and petering out. I did do a test to see at what registered temp PLA is able to start flowing and the machine is registering around 175-178 before PLA will start to come through the nozzle which seems to be about right (depending on the quality of material which since I just grabbed the filament that came with the printer originally I’m guessing was low).

I am currently trying to run a PID auto-tune which I think is going to be a bust since with both the hot end fan and extruder fan running the thing is struggling to even hit 120C.

Yup, it failed.

Here are the parts I’ve changed:
(Since I’m limited to 2 links I’m just going to link to the reddit thread I created which contains the full list of parts)

It was pointed out to me that I may have made a giant, stupid mistake. Apparently, when I was trying to find the proper cartridge I wasn’t checking the voltage and that was changed between the Plus and the Select. I bought a 24v cartridge when it appears I needed a 12v. I’ve just ordered the 12v version and will update once I get it installed.