I’ve been trying for two days straight to get my MP mini to connect to my computer to run Cura 15, Cura 30, and Repieter Host. it won’t detect that my printer is connected at all, and now my computer doesn’t recognize it is connected to the printer/device config.

I’m running windows 10 dell laptop and have tried multiple USB cables which never seem to make any difference, currently im printing through SD cards but I really want to use USB instead

I fought the same problem for a couple of months, trying one cable after another, diving deep

into raspbian, with no luck. Then I bought yet one more USB cable, one of those braided

cables, and hey presto! It works fine now.


I don’t know why this cable should work when so many others didn’t but…

Why exactly do you want to print over USB instead of SD card? I don’t see the advantage and just print with the SD card myself.

I find that Octoprint gives me much better control over my Mini. I can change

the hot end and bed temperatures in 1 degree increments, and control the

stepper motors much easier. Most important for me, I can monitor and manage

the printer remotely. It also keeps a history of my prints, useful!

Printing via Octoprint is far superior to printing from SD. If you haven’t tried it, and you have an available Raspberry PI, give it a go! Super easy to set up and overall a great way to go.