So i am fresh out of teh box with my new monoprice mini v2. followed the instruction and the cat print seemed to print perfect.

I then decided to take my own stl files and give one a go. I inserted my own sdcard with the two attached stl files, let the printer warm up and selected print. But when i select any of my stl files and hit print, nothing happens. i get a pause and a cancel button both work, but even pausing and starting doesn’t make it print. the extruder just goes down to the plate and sits there and does nothing.

Someone please help
28mm_parasitic_element.stl (85.4 KB)
hinge_print_001.stl (39.9 KB)

Hi, are you trying to print the stl file directly or the gcode generated by cura or another slicer?

Did you use cura for the slicing?

You need to put your stl files in to a program like cura and slice them so they can be printed you cannot print directly from a .stl file.

What everyone here has already said - you gotta slice before you print.

I am in a similar boat, I put my stl file through Cura, had it sliced, saved to the correct removable disc. Plugged into the printer, pre-heated, and pressed print after selecting the gcode file. On Cura it said 5 hrs 7 mins, there is a blue bar that almost filled up all the way, 2 hrs later and the nozzle is still in the same place. What gives?

It sounds like your slicer settings may have a problem. Which is a question more appropriate for the software section of this forum.

In the meantime, check out the Monoprice Mini Owner’s group on Facebook. They have a wealth of information and tips.

Good luck!