This is Mjolnir (mjolnir by januszeko - Thingiverse) printed on my UMO+ in ProtoPasta stainless steel and Colorfabb Copperfill, Brassfil and Bronzefill. Polished in self designed rock tumbler (Affordable Rock Tumbler by J_T_3_D - Thingiverse) for 48 hours and finished with buff wheel.

What have you printed with these materials? Please show and share :slight_smile:




Woah! Those are some sick prints! @victorp @pherkan check it out :wink:

These are awesome! I’m kinda jealous. :smiley:

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Amazing! How many outer walls did u use?!

Yep, nice pieces of printcraft (and photography).

just 2 walls of 0.4mm

What tumbler filler did you use to polish these?

WOw just 2!

These look great! Great pictures too!

Here is a Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel Print and a Filamentive Carbon Fiber I did


brass screws approx. 24 hours and walnut shells for ~24 hours


Printed a chess set:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Are metal filled filaments stronger than normal plastic or is it just for the metal look?

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In my experience they’re actually weaker and more brittle. Used some tungston filled filament and accidently forgot to change my settings. Printed it with 1 shell and it crumbled like eggshell when I put any pressure on it.

But it sure looks good.

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Walnut shells? I haven’t heard that one. That tumbles metal? Gonna have to give that a try.

Wow this is really cool. Thanks for sharing

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It’s just for the look :wink:

But the Colorfabb filaments are not (much) weaker than regular PLA.

the nutshells make the surface smoother - in theory

I am not sure if this is really necessary. Sometimes things help, allthough they only exist in your imagination :wink:

I heard that any additive that disrupts the “plastic matrix” makes it weaker. So I would imagine that the metal powder just messes with the strength of the plastic. But it sure does look pretty!

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