An Mcor Iris full colour 3D printer. This printer uses a very special 3D printing technology that 3D prints using conventional A4 printer paper. That means that the running costs for this machine are a fraction of any other full colour 3D printing method. It prints at a 100 micron layer thickness and can produce some incredible 3D printed parts. Videos are available on youtube if you search “Mcor Iris” showing the printer function.

The printer is in very good condition being manufactured in 2015. Originally costing over £45,000. It comes with a desktop computer with the slicer software which is required to take your 3D models and convert them to code that the printer uses to manufacture your parts.

It is incredibly well made and I have no doubt it will last many many years to come. It has been regularly serviced and well looked after.

The package includes,

  • Mcor iris 3D printer

  • Stand cabinet for printer

  • Desktop computer to run printer

  • 5 bottles (some partially used) of Mcor sealer

  • half a bottle of glue plus at least another half in the machine

  • 19 new tungsten carbide cutting blades (total value is £1330 new)

  • various new and used printer cartridges (see picture)

  • instruction manual covering printer use and basic maintenance

Happy to discuss options for UK and beyond delivery. Machine is located near Mintlaw in Aberdeenshire. The machine itself weighs over 150kg plus the cabinet. It is approx 180cm tall (I can get full measurements if required) so will need a good sized space to operate it in.

Please feel to get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries. I have done my best to be as accurate as possible with the listing.


2019-02-17%2011_08_29-Mcor%20IRIS%20_%203D-Farbdrucker%20_%203D-Color-Modeling 2019-02-17%2011_08_47-Mcor%20IRIS%20_%203D-Farbdrucker%20_%203D-Color-Modeling 2019-02-17%2011_09_03-Mcor%20IRIS%20_%203D-Farbdrucker%20_%203D-Color-Modeling example

Just to add to this listing, if it sells for the above price then I will include UK delivery free of charge.

PRICE REDUCED! £12500 or nearest offer. Still includes free UK delivery. Happy to discuss costs further afield.

I’ve had a bit of interest in the printer but it’s still available. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Price reduced to £9995