New to the forums and to 3d printing and the reason i will pick up printing is purely professional. I invented a gadget that i need to produce and make prototypes of.

I have checked out like 15 different printers and now narrowed them down to 2 different ones and for very different reasons.

The first one is Zortrax M200 Plus, i understand it is very reliable and a great workhorse. Suited for my production needs and i also tried it and i can handle it due to the easy to use slicer, Z-studio. So far so good. The lack of printspeed can easily be compensated by just adding more printers.

The M200 though is just to slow for prototyping imo and after a couple of weeks of googling my eyes fell on the Delta WASP Turbo2 which seems to very reliable, print great but first and foremost is very fast.

The issue is that i cant find any profiles for Nylon and ASA which are the two materials i plan to use both in prototyping (working parts) and in production. I found profiles for PLA, ABS and PETG though.

So my hopes are now that someone in these forums have a tried and proven profile for Nylon and ASA.
These are the filaments i will use in production so profiles either for these or for similar filaments.

As a newbie i dont want to buy a printer that i dont know if i can get started with, really quick, since it is a business we are talking about.

Btw could i use the same bed/nozzle/etc temperatures/parameters on Zortrax filaments in the Delta WASP as the M200 uses to print?