Hi, I’ve been “printing” (mucking about) with a CreatBot DM 02 printer for about a year. The opportunity came up to buy a used Mankati XT.

I realise that one is a clone of the other but I simply cannot get the Mankati to print anything!

I’m using the Mankati software,


  1. I cannot get consistent flow, 50 to 60mm of bead on the bed, then nothing, for about 100mm, a few dribbles then a another 50 or so mm.
  2. The extruder keeps trying to push the filament, but it seems the filament cannot get out the nozzle fast enough, so the extruder slips. Tried the extruder at 98, 95, & 90%, still slips and chews the filament
  3. PETG is a nightmare, whatever I do, the nozzle gets more than goes on the bed. 215-250°C, bed 45 -80°C, fan ON, fan On after 2m, print speed 10 – 50mm/s, PVA, Kapton, Blue tape
  4. PLA & ABS, same range of settings, still NBG.

I know this is an old printer but has anyone got any ideas, help, tips, spare ABS/PLA config files they could share?