I have a Mankati full scale XT which is having a problem with its Z-Axis. When printing it sometimes needs to move from one part of the print to the other. When it does this the bed goes down a little bit. Then it moves the extruder to the location that it needs to go. But the the bed should move back up to the original Z height. But it does not do this. For some reason it will move down the bed but not up. But when not printing in for example homing the printer the bed moves allright. Sometimes the bed seems to get stuck en i will have to push the bed to get it up like the motor has not enough power to move the bed. But other times the bed moves fine.

I have checked the wire to the stepper motor and checked the stepper motor driver board for the microstep jumpers. But these seem fine. I also gave the motor a bit more current from the driver board potentiometer but this would not help either.

hope someone knows

Greetings Sieuwe

Hi Sieuwe,

Have you checked the leadscrew? Or the vertical guide rods? Perhaps cleaning and greasing them can make a difference.

Also, check the settings in your slicers. The movement of the bed is embedded in your G-code.