Hello everyone on the 3D hubs forum. I’m reaching out to see if anyone knows the fix to solve this MakerBot Z18 problem.


During calibration process and/or printing process, the Extruder does not properly make contact with the “build plate calibration pin” before starting a print. The extruder nozzle actually makes contact with the removable section of the build plate right at the chamfer edge region. This problem has persisted since I purchased the printer, however it is now coming to my attention as the nozzle has created a hole and will no longer work. Attached are a few pictures. Any help would be great!

update** the current firmware is 2.6.1 and problem still persists. Extruders swapped, no change.


Don, have you figured it out yet?

I am having the same issue but i think the frame is not squared right.