I am running a MakerBot Replicator 2. During the print, the printer just stops, and I am running out of ways to troubleshoot.

After restarting, I can load and extrude filament.

I have replaced the SD card, and even borrowed one from another working replicator, and the freeze still occurs.

Likewise, I’ve regenerated the x3g file, and that did not work.

The panel does not freeze, I can cancel the print during the freeze.

I’ve made sure Z pause is off. It tends freezes randomly on the first layer.

Does anyone have any idea as to what could be causing the problem?


Try reinstalling the makerware softwares, or try printing from a different computer, I had the same issue after several layers of print the printer stops working and it freezes, so I tried with a different PC and it worked fine

Have you tried printing a different file? Try one of the sample files from MakerBot does it freeze then?

The x y z cable was my problem when this happens to my rep 2. You’ll need to replace the cable

Do the steppers lock up when it stops? If so it’s firmware. If not replace he stepped xyz cable

It’s not the motor cable. A bad motor cable causes your print to shift. It won’t stop the printer. Try reformatting the SD card. When the cards get too full, the printer has trouble reading them.

Does the issue only occur when you attempt to print a particular model?

Does the freeze tend to occur in the same spot on the print? And when you say freeze, you mean that you get no movement in X, Y, Z, or extruder motor in that instant? Is this happening toward the center of the build plate or toward an outside limit? Can you print an old file that was once successfully printed? The answers to these questions can give us some insight on what may be happening. Since you have swapped cards and the problem replicates, my bet would be that it’s in the file itself or firmware. If you are not already running sailfish firmware, that would be my first recommendation to fix the firmware, if indeed you narrow it down to that. I have had great success with sailfish on my 5 Replicator 2s.

I would Reformat the card and export the file again. When finally exported, double check the SD Card on your computer and make sure it is in there. If you see the file, I would safety eject the SD card. Then try printing. If it does this again let me know.

Maybe try a different slicing program. I could always send you an .x3g


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Maybe the control unit that the SD card plugs into. MBI sent me a replacement when my machine was 3 months old. No problems on the last 3 years

If you have access to that other working Replicator 2, can the problem file print successfully there?

Agreed. I’ve seen slicers say that a file was exported before they actually were. Also, “eject” your SD card via your OS before physically removing it from the computer.


Yea this happened a lot with the old slicers. Also I have an SD Card reader and it blinks when its writing a file. When it stops blinking it should be good to take out.
But most of the times I reformat the SD card and then export and safety eject and then print. Should work like a charm.

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As for generals, have you updated to the current version of MB Desktop? If you’re using another slicer, try MB’s to see if it prints correctly.

And you are using a 2Gig SD - no other will work.

The problem solved itself after checking every cable, and giving each a firm press (this includes checking connections on the board, and the ribbon coming from the control panel to the board)

Just to Illuminate more for later searches:

-Other maker-bots print the file fine (running the same firmware), and the problem bot has printed the file before.

-There is no real place where the print stops in particular, other than early in the print.

-It was not the file, or the card. After the issue resolved, the problem card with the problem slice ran fine.

Because the problem was resolved after a few firm presses, if it repeats, I will try to isolate which cable. I have a hunch it was a connection on the board that came loose.

Seems strange that the machine would just stop. The first thing I would check is the table level. the second thing I would check is to see if the extruder is staying hot, if the extruder is not staying heated it will cause the machine to register a fault and stop. good luck.

Thanks, i have a very similar problem atm. This could be what’s happening with my Rep 2. I will give this a go because my options are running out as well.

my print just stopped but tge nozzle was still heating and still touching the piece while extrusion stopped and the print head stood still with no error message on the display

I had very similar problems with my original Replicator 2, prints freezing in the middle.

Initially I thought it was mechanical / electrical problem as it seemed random, because occasionally the head would stop and continue to extrude followed by a jerk movement causing major clogging.

Many trials later, a new SD card did the trick. With the newest slice SW, awesome 7hour print completed.