If you are interested in 3D printing but don’t know where to start, I have the option for you! Aside from it’s highest quality prints, I would say the best part about this product is it’s integrated software that is simple for anyone to use. MakerBot’s tutorial will get you printing in minutes. Once you get comfortable with the machine you can jump into the advanced settings where you will find thousands of variables that actually go into creating a 3D print. You can design your own 3D objects or print one from Thingiverse where millions of cool objects have already been created for you. This printer is capable of making anything you can imagine, from unique trinkets to replacement parts and tools to “life hacking” objects. MakerBot also has a mobile app where you can watch your prints remotely and even start prints directly from your phone!

About this printer:

This is the latest model of the printer and is less than a year old. The printer has been very well taken care of and I have added a new extruder (about 3 hours of print time) and a brand new build plate. I am also including a second brand new build plate - which I purchased separately because I found it handy to have more than one - and enough MakerBot PLA Filament so you can start printing immediately.

Why I am selling it:

I really have enjoyed this printer. Last summer I used one of these printers to make custom fidget spinners for Swine Week (my school’s philanthropy event). They were so popular that I started selling them on Etsy and by the end of summer I had sold hundreds of them. I am currently in college studying Electrical & Software Engineering so naturally, I enjoy learning about machines like this one. I have recently decided to sell this printer because I am actually making my own new type of 3D printer with some pretty amazing advanced features and abilities. I would never have been able to do this without the awesome experience I had with my first 3D printer and I can say there is no better way to learn 3D printing than with a MakerBot printer.

If you are interested or have any questions I am happy to answer.

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