Hi all, does some one have a copy of this manual? You get it free if you register your makerbot. I dont have a printer but im teaching a bunch of scholars in South Africa about this technology and would love to get hold of this copy. Kind regards


You’d help yourself out by providing a line of communication. Your hubs page has no contact option - I doubt that people would want to post links to copyrighted material here on 3D Hubs.

No, sorry, but I do have an old Makerbot Thing-O-Matic unused in a box that you can borrow if you need a printer to teach the kids. You can email me at ben@calvin-robotics if interested.

Great Thanks Calvin

I really appreciate your offer. I have had one printer donated to the school (FlashForge). I will get hold of you as soon as another school is ready to take one on. (Security implementations take a while)

It would appear I was being a bit too subtle: if you can provide your email, we can continue this discussion.

Gustafswart@gmail.com. Thank you PM

If you fill out your contact info at this link you will get a free sample of the book, which includes 1 of the 4 main lessons, regardless of if you own a MakerBot printer or not.

Thank you very much for your kindness.