Makerarm is a complete digital fabrication system for makers everywhere. It allows you to 3D print (with both filament and resin), CNC Mill, laser engrave, pick and place, assemble electronics, and more. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

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Meet Makerarm

As makers, we have ideas all the time––to improve things, to make our lives better. But to make our ideas happen, we need access to tons of machines, materials, and tools that are too expensive. That’s why we created Makerarm: a complete digital fabrication system packed into an affordable robotic arm––starting at $999!––that makes just about anything, anywhere.

Makerarm is multi-purpose

Makerarm works with interchangeable heads for countless applications.

It 3D prints: Makerarm is not confined to a box and can 3D print with both filament and resin.

It carves and mills: Makerarm includes high-speed desktop milling (light duty) and carving. You can mill on a variety of materials including plastics, wood, and soft metals right on your desktop. You can even hook up heavy duty flex shaft tools such as the Dremel Fortiflex to Makerarm for power-carving, grinding, or shaping applications (with speeds up to 23,000 RPM!).

It laser engraves: Makerarm’s high power 500mW laser head (405nm) engraves and etches on plastics, wood, leather, cardboard, and more.

It picks and places: Choose from vacuum pump coupled suction cups, electromagnetic heads, or grippers to carry out pick and place operations. It assembles: With the assembly heads, you can automatically place and fasten screws, carry out gluing, and perform pick and place functions.

It’s a PCB fab: PCB milling, drilling, solder-paste dispensing, pick and place assembly (PCBA), and automated soldering take the hassle out of prototyping. You can also add custom tool heads: A special hardware development kit (HDK) will allow owners to create their own custom tool heads for an unlimited number of projects!


This is so cool! Congrats on such a successful head-start! Keep it up :wink:

I definitely need this.


That thing is a beast! Good luck on kickstarter.

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