I just got the Maer select and I have used a 3d printer before but have never had my own. On my very first print i had a jam so I unassembled the extruder then a wire disconnected and the nozzle won’t come off. The tape thing also is peeling off… I need help to fix this. The pictures explain it better.

One of the clear tube wires disconnected as well.


In the print heads aluminum heater block (thats what you are holding in your hands in the pictures) there are to “stuff”, one is a thermistor(temperature sensor) witch is behind the bolt and washer, this is small resistor in a tiny glass enclosure, the damaged part (the tube going across the alu block) is the heater cartridge, witch heats the alu block. So you have to replace this heater cartridge as the wire is damaged and cant be fixed. This is hold in place with a screw from the bottom of the alu block next to the nozzle. So get the screw out pull out the tube measure the diameter and length and search for a replacement part nearby you.

The “clear” tubes are teflon tubes to protect the wires from the heat.

The yellow tape is called kapton tape its a heat resistant tape and used as a heat insulation for the alu block to reduce heat loss, and to also reduce the cooling effect of the part cooling fan(s). (They originally developed this tape for the space industry to protect equipment from the heat of the sun, the satellites are usually also wrapped into this kapton tape )

So just search for a heater cartridge, 12V 40W a (check the diameter and length with your current one, diameter is critical!)

I am sure you can find it your area so don’t have to wait for post.

Yes it has red wires, these are fiberglass coated wires not with teflon as yours but doesn’t make a difference. To replace it just connect the 2 cables to your old wires, polarity doesn’t matter in this case (its also a big resistor basically witch just heats away the the power).

(If you found a cartridge ask the seller if they have also a 100K thermistor , just in case you broke that also(people usually damage the thermistor as these have very thin cables and can be easily broken)



Thanks a lot!!!

Hi, I have essentially the same problem. I wanted to also replace the kapton tape on the heater block, but I noticed that there is some material between the tape and the aluminum that would need replacing as well. Do you (or anyone) know what that material is?

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