Hey, I am new to 3d printing. I have dont own a 3d printer yet, but I have printed some objects. I recently heard about heard about the m3d. I am actually thinking on buying one. There is just one problem that is shipping it to my country. But before I take any actions I just wanted to know if any of you guys own it and wanted to know if it is good as a beginners 3d printer.



I own m3d and for beginners it os OK. It is simple for use user friendly. I print with PLA since I still have problems with ABS sticking to the print bed. I have tried many things but no success. If you plan to make simple things for home use and with not so high precision it is the printer for you. It is good for learning about printing and it is reliable (for now).

Hope I helped

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I kickstarter backed it, and got mine in april 2015. It is appropriate for beginners, as it is pretty much plug’n’print. I had a lot of 3d priting experience prior to that so for me it was even easier to use as I did know what to expect. It is limited in printing size, and by far the slowest of my printers, but the results are actually good and the failiure rate is about 15% which is the same level all my printers have. It is a nice little machine for a very reasonable price, so you can check out if 3d printing is something you’d like to do. If that is the case, you will have change to a bigger and more sophisticated (and more expensive) machine though.

PLA runs optimal, ABS is more problematic because of the missing heatbed. With the new firm/- and software you can set the z-resolution to 0.05mm (50microns), and that is on par (or better) with the big printers. The whole thinge is very small and portable, so I do actually carry it with me sometimes to demonstrate 3d printing on the go.


have you ever had any problems with it? And what kind of things is it not able to print due to complexity? Can it print like low-poly things?

I did recently purchase a Kickstarter edition and it is a perfect beginners printer. I use it for teaching and workshops. It’s small and easy to move around. It comes with it’s own software which is simple to use. You can switch to expert mode if you have more 3d printing experience.

There are a couple of considerations though. I uses small internal spools of filament located in the base. You can use external filament but you will need to print a mount that attaches to the printer. It’s also slow and has a small build volume.

Do you have to use the m3d pla? Could you use some alternative filaments? Could you use the ninja flex that I have heard about, the one that you can squish?

I would say it handles complex prints quite well. But like I said in my previous reply it is slower. Low poly prints would be easy. The only issues I’ve had are the occaisonal blockage which is easy to clear. I would not use this to print abs only pla.

Do any of you guys have it shipped to a country inside EU? Did you pay any extra taxes due to that?

There are a couple of G+ groups that are for the M3D which is also useful.

The one I bought was already iin the UK so I did not need to pay any tax. It cost me £200. If you are purchasing from the USA then you will more than likely have to pay about 20% VAT. Check ebay for any that are already available in your country. They would probably still be under warranty.

I got mine in Bosnia and Herzegovina (not EU) and I paid around 130 EUR extra shipping and taxes.

how long did it took to arrive?

Is there any better beginners printer for a cheap price like the m3d? Any that is shipped from inside EU?

I’m pretty sure you can get the Up Mini in the EU. But it’s a little expensive.

is it better than the m3d?

The Up! brand and printers have been around for a few years now and are pretty good. It’s in the top 4 of 3D Hubs 2016 print guide for bugdet printers. Check out the whole guide. It will allow you to make a more informed decision. https://www.3dhubs.com/best-3D-printer-guide#budget


Well the opinions on the M3D are quite diverse if you read the forums.

I’m having a very good time printing all kind of things with it and results are pretty good. From Colorfabb wood, ABS to PLA it does all work, but there is some calibration needed. (printed a full set of chess pieces, a digital sundial and alot of toys and testprints or stuff for the printer itself)

It is a printer that says its all for beginners, but printing out-of-the box is not aways the case. (you do need to put some time in it to understand 3d printing, but for me there is the fun)

Had to pay 80 euros for it to ship to the Netherlands.

After about half a year i might be looking for a bigger printer though, but it is great to learn the basics!

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I doubt that you would have much luck with Ninja Flex but yes, you can use filament other than M3D’s. I’ve used RigidInk PLA and Colorfabb PLA, and it’s fine with the Micro. I’ve moved on to a Kossel Mini now but the Micro worked well for me – it’s just very slow, with a very limited print volume and no heated bed, but great value for money.

I have one and it’s a great printer for beginners!

did you pay any customs taxes?