Test print using the micro from M3D. From left to roght - 50 micron, “high” quality, and “low” quality


Great Stephen,

Can you post other settings. I have a M3D and am experimenting still.


i also tend to see, when moving toward a less quality print, a small line can be seen at the middle of the model. but yeah, that pretty much looks like what those setting show physically on the model

Definitely get the latest software. It has fine tuned the automatic bed leveling pretty good. Though still need tweaking a little at the “cat screen”

nnice job looks good

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Looks great for such a low cost printer!

I made one twice as big. Low print medium fill. ABS. You can see four lines, front, back and two sides.

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This is really good for the M3D. The vertical lines on the model is from when the Z axis steps up to the next layer. You can rotate the model so that these lines are not on the front face. These lines will show up on all printers.

I suspect the lines may be caused by incorrect x y backlash setting. I used to have both x axis and y axis line but since I dialed in the x-y backlash number, I had eliminated the x line but not the y yet…

Did you have any trouble getting the keychain loop to print correctly? My Micro is struggling with that feature…

no issue with keychain loop. I printed mine at around 190 C

well not all printer… the better built ones will not have these vertical lines issue because the x and y backlash will be negligible

I think the Y axis backlash won’t be solvable with current software. I’ve also eliminated the X lines, but Y persist. I’ve torn the machine down and made sure everything is parallel / level / etc. The prints are good, but the transition during an arc in the Y + to - or - to + seems to be tough to get solved.