I have an M3D Micro printer and I am getting very frustrated with the failed prints where the printer just stops and the program says the error- Could not cold extrude. I am using the latest M3D software and Hatchbox PLA. Please help!

Your insulator should look like this: http://i.imgur.com/pMMwDF3.png

Ok so it looks like my insulator is a little too high (because you can see a couple of the threads under the insulator). I have included a picture so you can see. How should I fix it if it is indeed too high up?

Picture: http://imgur.com/6Ynng8n

No, that’s the other end of the feed tube, I’m talking about the end where the plastic comes out. The white ceramic cylindrical heater unit must be pushed all the way into the rubber insulator, and that insulator pushed as far down on the feed tube so that only the very tip of the extruder is visible below. Check this link and look in the “Heater” section https://printm3d.com/solutions/article.php?id=170