not sure about the printer itself but customer service is… CRAP!!! … DOES NOT EXIST!!!

You should back your opinion up with a reason why its crap. Just saying its crap doesnt mean squat.


While I agree that the original poster is not being informative, I also agree that the M3D is crap and if I could get a refund, I would. The stepper motors are weak and so the majority of the prints have print shifting in the y axis.

here is a conversation I had along these lines:

Customer: I talked to you at the Maker’s Faire at the State Fairgrounds.

I asked you about the M3D printer and you mentioned the Monoprice one, was one of your favorites.

I don’t use my M3D as much, because it fails in some areas I would like to explore out. Just trying to justify the cost to buy another printer. Can you quantify how many times better the Monoprice printer is compared to the M3D in your opinion?
Pintstein: I think the #‎Printrbot simple maker is at least one order of magnitude better than the #‎M3D and the #‎Monoprice dual extruder is atleast one order of magnitude better than my #Printrbot. So the Monoprice is at least a hundred times better than the M3D but the actual number is probably more like 250x or 800x
Customer: Thanks for your insight also about letting me know about your event. I’m not sure about any teachers as I have one out of college and one half way through. I’ll keep an eye on your event as it gets. $30 for 28 hours of exploring isn’t too bad. I’ll see if you have room and I have time as that time approaches.
Pintstein: Glad to help. #‎3Dprinting is a challenging topic to learn but it doesn’t need to be challenging, that is what I am trying to do with my company. Pintstein provides the education and repair service necessary to help tomorrow’s Einsteins get access to 3D printing.
You or one of your kids could be one of tomorrow’s Einsteins so I am glad I could help.