Hello Everyone!

I am currently using a Lulzbot Taz5 as my primary printer, and have had great results so far. I would like to make a couple of mods to the machine to produce finer details, and have some questions about whether or not the mods I’m thinking of are possible. I print with ABS, and PLA, have flirted with Bronzefill but ran into many problems.

- I’m using all stock hardware now, but, I’d like to change the nozzle from the stock .4mm to a .2mm to produce finer details on prints that require them. When selecting a .2mm nozzle, I’m curious to know if all nozzles are created equal. I need to know if the threads on a new .2mm nozzle will be compatible with, and easily screw into the heater, and if they do, will I require using thread-lock adhesive to prevent any potential leakage.

- Lulzbot’s website does not provide print profiles for a nozzle as small as .2mm, and while their profiles are a great starting point, I do have to do some tweaking from time to time to ensure the best print quality of a project. In anyone’s experience, are there certain settings to keep an eye on when using a .2mm nozzle, i.e. flow rate/temp to avoid clogging, etc?

- I would be very interested in having a second extruder setup for 1.75mm filament - I was using a Prusa i3, and from that experience, have a lot more 1.75mm filament in stock than 3mm, which is what the Taz5 is set up for. I have heard that some people have had success by changing their Cura settings to 1.75, upped the flow rate slightly, and was able to print without any issues. Is it possible to, or advisable to, create a second extruder assembly for a 1.75mm filament, since the Taz5 makes swapping those out pretty easy?