The cartoon series, Mazinger Z (also known as Tranzor Z), was the first robot that inspired @biglildesign as an artist/designer. He loved the idea of a person piloting a giant robot to battle giant monsters. He especially liked how Mazinger Z rose from the water so the Hover Pilder can dock onto its crown.

Unfortunately, he never had a Mazinger Z toy so owning one never became a reality until now. Thanks to 3D printing and his great ability to 3D model, he was able to make the toy I’ve always wanted.

All the parts that are needed to assemble this robot are included when you download the Low Poly Mazinger Z. There are a lot of parts but they are simple to print with easy support removal and post-work.

Download and 3D print your very own Mazinger Z:



Seriously, it’s one of the coolest 3D model I’ve ever seen!

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Wow. That is really cool.

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looks nice, how much the size is ? and how much the precision ?

How much time it takes?