Happy #3DPrintingDay everyone!

In celebration of this beautiful day our great friend @flowalistik designed two low-poly models based on the Star Wars universe. For all the people who haven’t stopped talking about Star Wars since Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced, this is for you.

These models are 130 mm height and consists of three different parts (head, body and connector). There are two different versions for the Darth Vader, one with cape and the one without. Which one do you like the most?

It doesn’t need support material to be printed thanks to Flowalistik’s extraordinary design skills. Both models have been printed in less than 2 hours using white PLA (0.2mm layer height). The post-processing consisted of some paint in dark zones such as eyes and sanding.

May the force be with you!

Pro-tip: If you don’t own a 3D-printer, just click the red button to order your print!

1) Low-Poly Darth Vader

print button.png

2) Low-Poly Stormtrooper

print button.png


Me, looking at my 3D printer while printing troopers.


Amazing work! I’ve downloaded them and them both and will definitely be printing them tonight after I’ve finished printing orders.


The job is done! I’m building an army.


Clean work as usual ! I think this is gonna end up in 3D Hubs office soon ! :wink: Carbon-Fiber-Low-Poly-Darth-Vader and Glow-in-the-Dark-Low-Poly-Storm-Trooper… What else ?


… aand upvoted! Nice one, Pierre :wink:


Really liking these!


Light up the stage, it’s time for a showdown :wink:

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Keep it calm! You ain’t no Darth Vader!


Oh! Thanks! It’s really addictive to watch the model being printed until you see the head is missing!

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This must be the creepiest gif i’ve ever seen :slight_smile: Nicely done!

Happy 3D printing day!


It’s been years of enormous effort mastering the ancient technique of stupid gif searching!

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I see you joined the dark side @Modulecell :slight_smile: The print looks awesome btw! Happy 3D printing day!

Check it out @flowalistik, the army is coming out nicely :wink:

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Very good designs, I think both two are going to be printed and keep company my other Star War gadgets ad 3d printed objects :slight_smile:


PD. Un trabajo macanudo :wink:

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Awesome :slight_smile: will print a few. Now where are the rebel prints? :wink:

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Thank you for sharing those wonderful models. Those are the best gift forever!

Very very cool @koenbodewes!! Will give it a try!