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I have a customer who wants to use Lost-Wax Casting on a ring, printed with a Form1+.

Can the Formlabs resin (or resin in general) take this? Is it advisable?




Hi Filemon. Yes this is possible, Formlabs have just brought out a new specific resin, just for casting; http://formlabs.com/en/products/materials/castable/ - It’s not shipping yet, but hoping to get my hands on some at some point. Cheers, Joe

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Ah cool, thx Joe! So with the existing one also possible, right? Check double check

Some people have, but I wouldn’t recommend. As Formlabs have produced a resin specifically adapted to it I don’t think the current resin will yield the best results. My suggestion is if possible, wait until the specific resin is available (which should be in a matter of weeks).

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I wouldn’t recommend using the regular resin - the forums suggest burnout isn’t great, formlabs do manufacture a castable resin but it’s twice the price of their regular resin.

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Same advice than @Joe_Prod: don’t use the standard resins from formlabs for a lost-wax casting

lost-wax casting resins are very specific because they must burn without any residue, otherwise there will be inclusions in the casted metal

I’ve received the castable resin from formlabs and I’m ready to test it



I’ve juste received the c

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Ok, all clear guys. Thanks!

Hi Guys,

The castable resin from formlabs has been available for some time now. (December2014)

The resin burnouts perfectly with no residue. The only problem is that the quality of the prints is not as good as with the other Form1 resins. Another issue is: What type of metal would you like to cast?

I’ve had great results casting white and also black resin that aren’t supposed to cast well.

But the reason is that I was using a Crome-Cobalt alloy combined with a high temperature oven and high temperature investment usually used for dental plates.

So it really depends on many different aspects.

Ill attach a photo of a dental plate casted with formlabs white resin.

Excuse my poor English


Here are a few photos of two rings and a little heart shaped jewel casted using the formlabs castable resin. The first one in after sandblasting the gold 18kt. The other photo after a good polish and rhodium plating.



Hi Filemon,

I hope all is good!

Maybe you can send me an email…




Some of our customers have had good results with the MadeSolid FireCast resin with the Form1 for casting.

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Yes. Form 1+ with the castible resin is very good. I run about 12 rings a week for casting, and the results are excellent. The detail is good down to .3mm and the burnout is good.

Good Morning
It exists in a formalabs Castable resin planned specifically for molding processes using the lost wax
attached link: → http://formlabs.com/fr/produits/materiels/calcinable/

best regards

B3D Campany


Heres a good example… 3ders.org - How to use 3D printing in lost-wax casting of custom lugs for a bicycle frame | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

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@Toddmichael, I think this is in your area of expertise too, correct?

Nice, let me know!

Wow, I find this pretty impressive. Thanks!

very nice casting.
i did some 18kt gold samples casting with de purple wax and form 2, the results : 70% o.k.
i would like to reach 90% satisfaction

Can you tel me witch kiln you use?
Some guys say you need to have airflow so the gases can escape better…
I use a old kiln…