Hi there.

First off, I am printing on a Wanhao duplicator 5s mini that supports PLA, NYLON 645, PVA and ABS.

Right now, I am working on a project where I try to camouflage a product as well as possible. I do this by working with a color detector module connected to LED lights. I then put these lights inside my 3d printed model.

Now I am looking for some help and tips on what 3d-filament I should aim for to make my model as camouflaged with its surrounding as possible.

My initial thought was to work with clear filaments, for instance I saw a few good ones, including ColorFabb XT. The thing with a very transparent material like that is that the color would camouflage very well (i think) but when the LED lights are off, you would be able to see inside the model (and all of its cables) which i try to avoid. In other words, I would want the LED light to shine up the model nicely but when it is turned off (no LED on) you should not be able to see inside it.

What do you guys think? Would my best bet be transparent filament and if so, maybe not the most transparent filament, but a “medium” one?

All links & tips of filaments that would suit my project is greatly appreciated.