Hey there everyone!

Lately, my Prusa’s partially PTFE-Lined throat screw, which connects the heater block with the MK8 direct drive extruder, has been giving me a bit of a problem, most likely due to my frequent usage of XT-CF20 in the last few days.

To explain my situation further: The throat screw is lined with PTFE down to the heatbrake area, there it stops and switches to a metal 2mm wide drilled area. This makes it a bit better to print with at around 250°C, which is needed for the XT-CF20
However, what has been happening is that the PTFE-Liner has been slightly worn down by the abrasive properties of the XT-CF20, causing it to not have the friction-less surface required for easy extrusion, and making it harder and harder to print with.


The only thing that is stopping me from switching to an all-metal setup is that I can not find a single (non-chinese) vendor to get it from. And I speak from experience when I say that quality is important for that part.

As such, I wanted to ask this community here if anyone knows of a good place to buy a well made all-metal M6 throat screw for 1.75mm filament.

I DO know of E3D and similar, however I am not looking to completely replace my hotend. I would just like this single piece for replacement.