Hello, my name is Joe Eckert and I’m the Operations Director at a small nonprofit called Access Independence that works with people with any type of disability. In response to repeated cuts to State and Federal funds, two years ago we started a 3D services program where all revenue goes to support our disability services.

About a year ago we purchased a Cultivate3D Beast which is a large volume FDM printer DIY kit along with upgraded Titan Direct Drive Extruders and E3D Volcano hotends. After many many months of struggling our Engineer finished the assembly, however he assembled it as if it had 4 extruders that would be printing synchronously when we only have two direct drive extruders that should utilize the entire bed dimensions. It’s our understanding that the additional X-axis carriage needs to be removed, the remaining two extruders put together then the stepper motors recalibrated, however we have no idea how to do these things and our Engineer recently moved out of State.

We are looking for someone that can come in and make the necessary changes. The manufacturer is receptive and willing to provide guidance, but we just don’t have the skills in house to make this fix. If anyone is near Stratford, Connecticut and would be willing to help us out I’d love to hear from you, so please email me at joe@access3dservices.com or call us at 203-403-7041.