I am looking for a 3d printer that prints in gypsum powder, perhaps a second hand/used Projet CJP series or Zcorp. Any suggestion on where I can get it?

Thank you

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We are selling one of our 450 if you’re interested.


Hi, have you found a printer yet? If not, how much money are you willing to spend?

Dear , I am looking for a used 3d Powder printer, I saw your previous comment, Hope you can tell me more information about this?



hi Leonardo,

can you help me about finding a 3 d powder printer in a second hand situation.



Hi Ali, I am selling mine, where are you located?

Hi All,

So i’m thinking about buying a 3D printer that prints in Full color Sandstone. Since im new to this materials do i need to start printing?

-Gypsum powder?

-Color Ink?


Is there anything else that im missing aside? Also i would like to know if anyone here can give me a list of vendors who provide these materials at an affordable rate.

Lastly i’m thinking about buying a Z450. Anyone know of anyone selling a used version for <$10K?

Thank you,


Hi, I am selling a projet 160 as new, with cartridge continiues, we can make some business with this, write me